[EN] My first publication in an Indonesian e-Magazine !

Hello everyone!

I take a break from all the Japan Expo publications (report, interview etc.) to inform you that Indonesian magazine published my Nogizaka46 pictures !

It’s a magazine about idols, named « ANKORU e-Magazine for Idol Group Enthusiast« . They do a very good work and all team is volunteers. Of course you will not understand much, but they really put my pictures in value. You may notice more pictures, including JKT48 because there are professional photographers in their team who working occasionally for this group.

Capture d'écran 2014-07-21 15.44.26

I hope that this new relationship will be able to open up new doors and why not move forward in my project to become a photographer in Japan .. Stay tuned!

You will see again my pictures in the August issue, with an article about ORANGE PORT, another idol group present at Japan Expo 2014, accompanied by my photos that you can find here.

You can find all of their magazines on their website: http://www.ankorumagazine.com/ / and you can follow them on twitter (/!\ Indonesian only!): https://twitter.com/AnkoruMagz/

Here are the photos of the e-Magazine : (you can find my gallery of Nogizaka46 here)

You can download this entire issue here.

I would also like to announce my desire to make an English section on my website, to expand my visibility.

Lot of report & interviews at Japan Expo 2014 soon on my website!